About Us

PMH Timber Industries Sdn Bhd (PMH) is an active trader of tropical timbers in the South-East Asian market. Our primary timber trade activities include the distribution, marketing, and manufacturing of quality tropical sawn timber, mouldings, wood flooring, wood paneling, timber staircase, and other value-added timber products to meet the timber demand of the Malaysian and overseas market. We also provide our customers with customized wooden products to meet their requirements and specific needs.

We have been in the tropical timber business for over 30 years, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing timber locally and internationally. Our team of professionals are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to run the business and also provide professional support to the satisfaction of every customer. Our products have won the heart of many locally and internationally.


To bring the beauty of tropical timber from Malaysia to around the globe by continually supplying only the best quality timber, timber information and knowledge and professional services for complete customer satisfaction.


To export and promote the effective utilization and the beauty of tropical timber to every corner of the world.