White Meranti

White Meranti


Scientific Name:

Shorea spp. (Family: Dipterocarpaceae)  

General Description:

A light hardwood. The trees are large and well shaped and can be found in all types of dipterocarp forests but poorly represented in hill dipterocarp forest. Sawing of this timber may pose some problems due to the presence of silica in the cells. The timber is liable to blue-stain infestation if not dried quickly after sawing.  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 495-995 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: almost pure white when freshly cut, ageing to yellow-brown, buff-colour, golden-brown or definite brown
  • Sapwood: white, moderately sharply differentiated from the heartwood

Spot Characters:

  • vertical canals in long tangential series
  • vessels grouped in small colonies and appear to arrange in oblique rows; mostly solitary
  • wood parenchyma golden in colour, aliform and in irregularly spaced bands containing resin canals.


The timber is suitable for general utility purposes, planking, stair stringers, treads and railings, light to medium construction, panelling and partitioning, furniture manufacture and flooring. This timber is a popular plywood species.