Red Balau

Red Balau


Scientific Name:

Shorea spp. (Family: Dipterocarpaceae)  

General Description:

A heavy hardwood timber in Malaysia. Three species are found in Peninsular Malaysia with Shorea guiso, also know as Membatu, being the most common. The trees are medium to large sized and widely scattered throughout Peninsular Malaysia.


Timber Description:

  • Density: 800-880 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: pink to red-brown
  • Sapwood: well defined which is light pink to grey-brown

Spot Characters:

  • timber moderately heavy
  • vertical canals in long tangential series filled with white resin, usually smaller than the vessels
  • parenchyma as short aliform
  • texture fine to medium
  • stripe figure on radial surface
  • end-cut shiny


The timber is suitable for heavy construction under cover, beams, posts, joists, heavy duty furniture, heavy duty flooring, door and window frames, railway sleepers (treated) and power transmission poles (treated).