Scientific Name:

 Xanthophyllum spp. (Family: Polygalaceae)  

General Description:

Medium Hardwood. Major species include X. affine, X. amoenum, X. obscurum and X. stipitatum. Also known as Gading, Gading batu, Lilin, Medang tanduk, Mendjalin and Minat angkat (Indonesia); Seng (Laos); Kam-gaw (Myanmar); Box wood (Papua New Guinea); Bok-bok and Malatadiang (Philippines); Chumsaeng, Khangkhao and Saeng (Thailand); and Sang ot (Vietnam).  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 595-960 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: bright yellow when fresh and darkens to a strong orange-yellow
  • Sapwood: not differentiated from the heartwood

Spot Characters:

  • non-durable under exposed conditions and is also susceptible to drywood termites
  • texture is moderately coarse to coarse and uneven. Grain is straight, sometimes wavy
  • nailing property is rated as good


The timber is suitable for medium and heavy construction, which is temporary or protected from attacks by drywood termites. It is also suitable for panelling, mouldings, flooring (heavy traffic), joists, staircase (angle block, rough bracket, newel, riser, tread, bullnose, round end and winder), planking, plywood, tool handles (impact) and pallets (permanent and heavy duty). When treated, it is suitable for telegraphic and power transmission posts and cross arms. The timber has also been successfully used for the manufacture of blockboards.