Scientific Name:

Intsia Palembanica (Family: Leguminosae)  

General Description:

A heavy hardwood, A large tree reaching a height of 42 m and a diameter of 0.9 m. A rather hard and heavy timber commonly used for high quality reproduction 'antique' furniture. This timber is also highly sought after for the production of strip flooring.  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 515 - 1,040 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: yellowish to orange-brown when fresh, darkening to brown or dark red-brown on exposure
  • Sapwood: pale yellow to light buff, sharply differentiated from the heartwood

Spot Characters:

  • timber heavy
  • vague growth rings figure presence
  • wood parenchyma vasicentric to aliform and also in terminal parenchyma bands
  • suplhur-yellow (sometimes dark-coloured) deposits common in vessels


Merbau is a very attractive wood, with its growth ring figure and deep colour. The timber is suitable for interior flooring, panelling, strip and parquet flooring, superior joinery, cabinet-making, musical instruments, decorative and novelty items, veneers and power transmission poles. The timber is widely used for the manufacture of strip flooring.