Scientific Name:

All species of Annonaceae  

General Description:

The timber which is also known as Kepayang Babi in Sarawak, and as Karai in Sabah, consists of timbers of all species of the family Annonaceae. Major species are Cyathocalyx pruniferus, C.sumatranus, Mezzettia leptopoda, Monocarpia marginalis, Platymita siamensis, Polyalthia glauca, P.hypoleuca, P.sclerophylla, P.sumatrana, Xylopia ferruginea, X.fusca and X,stenopetala.  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 370-960 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: light yellow white or light yellow-brown, often with a green tinge
  • Sapwood: normally not well defined 

Spot Characters:

  • M.leptopoda is very fast drying with moderate cupping, insect and fungal attacks as defects.
  • Xylopia fusca is fairly slow drying, the defects being moderate cupping, bowing, staining, slight end-checks and insects attacks.
  • grain is almost straight and texture is rather coarse and uneven due to the presence of the extremely large rays.