Scientific Name:

All light weight species of Lauraceae  

General Description:

Medang is a heterogeneous group of timbers produced by several group of the family Lauraceae the more common of which are Actinodaphne, Alseodaphne, Beilschemiedia, Cinnamomum, Cryptocarya, Dehaasia, Lindora, Litsea, Nothaphoebe and Persea. The timber generally seasons without degrade.  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 350-880 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: variable in colour, the majority being light olive brown to dark green-brown, while some Cryptocarya spp and Phoebe spp are light red-brown, and some Cinnamomum spp are pink to light red. Beilschemiedia spp are yellow white in colour. 
  • Sapwood: not distinct in some species but moderately well defined from the heartwood in other species.

Spot Characters:

  • Grain is straight or slightly to moderately interlocked. Texture is moderately fine and even.