Scientific Name:

Garcinia spp.  

General Description:

Kandis is the product of Garcinia spp, principally G.atroviridis, G.bancana, G.cowa, G.forbesii, G.griffithii, G.hombroniana, G.malaccensis, G.merguensis, G.nigrolineata and G.parvifolia.  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 690-1,120 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: variable in colour, dark red-brown in some species and yellow on others.
  • Sapwood: lighter in colour and is not sharply defined from the heartwood, except for G.hombroniana where the red-brown sapwood is distinct from the dark red brown heartwood.

Spot Characters:

  • Texture is moderately fine to fine and even
  • Grain is straight


The timber is suitable for poles, posts, flooring, pallets (expendable type), staircase (apron lining, handrail and newels). The heavier species are suitable for semi-permanent medium construction like temporary bridges, extraction tramways, telegraphic and power transmission posts and cross arms.