Scientific Name:

Coelostegia spp, Durio spp,  Kostermansia malayana, and Neesia spp. (Family: Bombacaceae)  

General Description:

A light hardwood timber coming from four general and many species of the family Bombacaceae, The trees can generally achieve fairly large boles. They can be found in lowlands to more than 910m altitude.  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 420 - 865 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: pink-brown, red-brown to deep red-brown or orange-brown to orange-red.
  • Sapwood: fairly distinct, almost white in Durio spp, pale yellow in Kostermansia malayana and Neesia spp, and pink-brown in Coelostegia spp.

Spot Characters:

  • vessels very large and individually distinct
  • wood parenchyma reticulate
  • rays of two distinct sizes
  • faint ripple marks on tangential surface
  • texture coarse
  • traumatic canals may be present


The timber is suitable for light construction indoors, door and window frames, flooring, planking, veneer and plywood, wooden sandals and low-grade coffins.