Damar Minyak

Damar Minyak


Scientific Name:

Agathis spp. (Family: Araucariaceae)  

General Description:

Light Hardwood. Major species include A. borneensis, A. endertii, A. flavescens, A. kinabaluensis, A. lenticula and A. orbicula. Also known as Kauri (Australia); Tulong (Brunei); Ndaku (Fiji); Agathis, Bembueng, Dammar pilau, Dammar raja, Fuko, Goga, Hedje, Kayu dammar putih, Kessi, Kisi, Salo and Solo (Indonesia); Kauri and Kauri pine (New Zealand); Kauri pine (Papua New Guinea); and Almaciga and Dayungon (Philippines).  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 360-660 kg/m3
  • Heartwood:
  • Sapwood:

Spot Characters:

  • subject to dry-wood termite attacks and is rapidly destroyed by rotting fungi
  • texture is very fine and even, with straight grain
  • nailing property is rated as excellent
  • the logs are generally remarkably free from defects except for occasional shot holes which are evenly distributed. Spiral grains have been recorded, although only on rare occasions.


The timber is highly prized as an interior finishing timber and is suitable for panelling, mouldings, high class joinery, pencil, plywood, furniture, drawing boards, disposable chopsticks, tooth picks, pattern-making and staircase (apron linings, handrail and sprandrel framing).