Scientific Name:

Cratoxylum spp. (Family: Guttiferae)  

General Description:

Light Hardwood. Also known as Geronggang (Brunei); Adat, Gerunggung and Medang baro (Indonesia); Paguringon (Philippines); and Kalong-ngae and Ngong-ngang (Thailand).  

Timber Description:

  • Density: 350-610 kg/m3
  • Heartwood: dark pink or light brick-red
  • Sapwood: yellow with a pink tinge

Spot Characters:

  • non-durable
  • texture is moderately coarse but even, with straight or sometimes shallowly interlocked grain.
  • nailing property is rated as excellent


The timber is suitable for decorative works, joinery, furniture, cabinet making, counter tops, panelling, mouldings, interior finishing, ornamental items, clogs, plywood, particleboard, wood-wool cement-board, pencil manufacture and staircase (apron lining and handrail).